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Veterinary Financial Aid & Resources for Cats
  • Animal Welfare Association, California Only.  (888) 616-9663.
  • Nike Animal Rescue Foundation, San Jose Area only. Phone (408) 946-2291; www.narfrescue.org
  • Care Credit, (800) 839-9078; www.carecredit.com. Credit payment plan for veterinary and personal health care costs.
  • Cats in Crisis, Inc., P.O. Box 7324, Penndel, PA 19047; www.catsincrisis.org  “Providing financial assistance to help with diagnosing, treating and maintaining cats with special medical needs”.
  • Pets Are Loving Support, www.palsatlanta.org
  • Save U.S. Pets Foundation, www.saveuspets.org

Ideas To Help Pay Veterinary Bills

  • Ask your Veterinarian about payments over time;
  • Ask if the Veterinarian will accept post dated checks;
  • Find out what the minimum is that can be done that will solve the problem;
  • Get a second opinion re: costs;
  • Borrow from family, friends, bank, etc.;
  • Use equity in your car, home to obtain funds;
  • Cash in or borrow against life insurance policy or stocks;
  • Ask for a salary advance from your employer;
  • Get a second job or work overtime if available;
  • Have a garage sale; sell on eBay, pawn items of value;
  • Ask your church for help;
  • Consolidate high interest credit debt to get cash;
  • Ask local Humane Society or shelter for assistance;
  • Trade services or goods with your Veterinarian;
  • Contact Veterinary Schools;
  • Start a “Pet Emergency Fund” at your bank;
  • If you have a specific breed, some clubs for different breeds offer assistance;
  • If the cat is not yours, ask the Vet for a “Good Samaritan” discount;
  • Ask for a written prescription and fill it at an online pet supply;
  • Ask if the Vet has sample medications to give;
  • Ask your credit card holder to increase your credit limit;
  • If you qualify, ask for a senior discount.






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